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PlayStation 4 Gets its First Blockchain-based Game

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The Sony PlayStation 4 is about to get its first game which is based on Blockchain technology. Plague hunter is the name of the game and will be released for this gaming console in the first quarter of 2019. The game was designed by Arcade Distillery who sought Sony’s approval before bringing the game onto its platform.

Plague hunter is a successor to Plague Road. Like its predecessor, this is a role-playing game that can only be played by a single user at a time. To be a hero in the game, a player needs to control a hunter to defeat a bunch of infected zombies. Also, they can train a hunter using the Blockchain.

Game Uses Ethereum Blockchain to Issue Virtual Currency

This free-to-play (F2P) game takes advantage of the Ethereum Blockchain to issue a non-fungible virtual currency (ERC721 tokens) to its players. This currency cannot be interchanged between players, but can only be used to purchase weapons, units, and other items. In comparison with other games, this one does not need its users to transfer funds to the developer’s bank.

The advantage of using a digital asset to trade in the game’s marketplace is that these trades can be traceable. How items are purchased and transferred between players can easily be tracked. As a result, players may not need to exchange gaming points for real money which could have severe consequences. These users can also be sure that their seller legitimately owned the in-game items they’ve purchased.

Blockchain Brings About Transparency in the Marketplace

Also, Blockchain brings about transparency in the marketplace. Transactions that have taken place will be verifiable. The game’s economy will be controlled by the players themselves and not the creators of the game. Its developer is also making plans to develop a version for Nintendo Switch, PCs and the Xbox One.

The US-based company has been developing video games since 2015. But then, the Plague Hunter cannot be classified as one of the best out there. It may not compete with several others out there, but its technology makes it get the attention of game lovers.

We’ve seen blockchain’s application in the construction industry, financial Sector, farming, general elections, and now, the entertainment industry has not been left out. Early this month, Mythical Games revealed that it had raised about $16 million to develop games for PCs and gaming consoles. Moreover, the games will be based on the blockchain.

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