Plattsburgh Passes New Regulations For Cryptocurrency Mining

Plattsburgh passes new regulations for cryptocurrency mining looking to improve the situation that had arisen since that they approved several cryptocurrency startups to come into town and install mining farms. But this fact that was meant to bring prosperity to the town brought a set of unexpected problems that had to do with electrical bills, noise, and heat that determined the town to bring a moratorium to the mining industry in Plattsburgh.

Plattsburgh Passes New Regulations

Plattsburgh council brought up a new set of regulations to address the circunstances that were brough with the establishment of the discussed cryptocurrency mining startups on the town. The new regulations have to do with the noise and the heat that these kinds of industries generate, and they seek to diminish the impact on the town’s citizens.
Some citizens that lived nearby the mining operations constantly complained about the humming noise of the miners. The mining equipment needs constant refrigerations, so the fans and the air-conditioning equipment needed for them to operate create a noisy environment.
About this case, the new regulation stipulates that “no mining facility can produce noise above 90 decibels that can be heard further than 25 feet from the exterior of the building”. This is quite high: 90 decibels is the sound of a motorcycle motor.
Still, some have different consideration about these new rules.

Plattsburgh Passes New Regulations, Some Very Strange

But although most of the regulations are well made, there are other that according to some need a little more work. For example, there is a line that refers to data centers as the interconnection of three or more computers, and that is a really broad definition. A library or a school could be affected by these considerations, and some believe that this set of measures could stifle innovation.
This whole story started when miners arrived at the town due to the insanely low power tariffs that they have. This is because most of Plattsburgh power comes from hydroelectrical sources. A dam near the town provides cheap electricity for the town. But since the miners came, the town’s power consumption skyrocketed and the power was not enough to maintain the town’s requirement.
So Plattsburg had to go out to the power market to shop for more electricity at enormously high rates, more than 800 times the payment that they were accustomed to paying (according to the source). This has already been addressed by charging miners a different fee than normal customers, but other problems are still present.