Piper Moretti’s Real Estate Firm Accepts Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrency has seen extensive growth since its emergence over a decade. It has grown from an outcast to the desire of all and sundry. Early enthusiasts that believed in cryptocurrencies and invested in its early stages are now super rich.
One of the many dividends this has brought to the world is the prospect of it replacing the traditional fiat currency and financial system with its underlying tech, blockchain.
One of the many facets its use is penetrating is the real estate world. Notably, Piper Moretti has been one of the advocator and influencer for cryptocurrency usage in the real estate world. She had created a niche for herself in the industry through accepting cryptocurrencies and serving as a consultant.

Piper Moretti’s Journey Into Real Estate and Cryptocurrency

Moretti’s venture into real estate transaction was by chance, a journey that started because of popular demand. She has been a real estate agent in California for years but ventured into cryptocurrency settlement for the transaction through the demand of a prospective buyer interested in purchasing with Bitcoins. From then, her sojourn into the industry took off.
After she has conducted several real estate deals in Bitcoin, she created her new business, the crypto reality group in which she has conducted five Bitcoin transactions to date. Besides, is the role of a consultant she has taken in helping those interested in making real estate investment with cryptocurrency for the first time.
Moretti noted that she hears from buyers and sellers all over the world. Also, she stated that there is usually a lot of talks before something can happen, which she is usually happy to help as a consultant especially in cases where the traditional real estate agent are not interested in stepping. She is always ready to step in.

Moretti’s other Exploits with Cryptocurrency

Rendering her opinion on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, she noted that the blockchain tech would revamp the real estate industry. Noting the reduction in human error in contract, legal documents, reduction in escrow time among others are what the blockchain tech is offering the real estate industry.
Meanwhile, she is not only serving as a consultant and a bridge for cryptocurrency use for real estate transactions, but she is also involved in some cryptocurrency projects as well. Such as Block66 on its mortgage lending platform, advisor to a Los Angeles blockchain lab, among others. She is also a cryptocurrency and real estate advocate.
Also, Moretti advises that before taking part in the digital economy, slow steps should be taken, to understand the industry better. This includes doing research, getting registered on trusted cryptocurrency exchange and understanding escrow as it relates to cryptocurrency.