PGA America Server Hacked, As Hacker Demands Bitcoin Ransome

PGA America Server got hacked as the PGA America prepares for its 100th PGA Championship on Thursday. The hacker demands Bitcoin by sending Bitcoin wallet for deposit to be made, but a specific amount was not required.
The hacked system contained details about the championship and most especially, promotional items to be used during the event that is to hold next month.

PGA America Server Hacked

Access to the server of the PGA America was denied on Tuesday as it was discovered to have been hacked. Efforts to bypass and have access back to their database was denied. The hacker gained access to folders, digital promotional banners, and logos for the future PGA championship and the Ryder Cup in France that is to hold next month.
As it was discovered on Tuesday after access was denied, a mail was received from the hacker that reads “We exclusively have decryption software for your situation,” as the hacker offered to open two files to prove their claim of having control over the server.
As revealed by golf week magazine, the hacker steps up threat for an attempt not to be made in trying to decrypt the server, as an effort could cause loss of the information. The hacker claims to be the sole owner of decryption software for the server, and none could be found in public.
The hacker who did not ask for any amount of cryptocurrencies, in particular, sent his wallet address for some compensations before he releases what’s in his possession. The anonymity that features in the cryptocurrency and its wallets, through its decentralized ledger made it difficult to track or trace the hacker.
Since the hack on Tuesday, the IT team of PGA are still yet to gain access back to its server, even as the journey continues. It is believed that occurrence has no impact on the tournament, as it remains. However, some data of future competition might be in jeopardy.
The hacker settles for Bitcoin because of its anonymous feature as a blackmailing tool. This type of association of cryptocurrency is the reason why most pessimists see it as a tool for the activities of the dark web. Regardless, hacking is a feature of the tech world which the world needs to combat.

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