Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Peter McCormack Issues A Formal Response to Craig Wright’s Lawsuit Letter

Two names that are famous in the cryptocurrency industry are Satoshi Nakamoto and Craig Wright. The only problem is, they are famous for different reasons. Nakamoto for being Bitcoin’s creator and Wright for claiming he is Nakamoto and issuing legal papers to anyone who dares dispute his claim. One of such papers has landed in the hands of Peter McCormack, a popular crypto personality.

McCormack Posts Screenshot of Formal Letter Sent to Wright’s Lawyers

On April 14, Peter McCormack posted a screenshot of a formal letter he has sent as a response to Craig Wright’s lawyers. This was after the lawyers had sent him a legal paper whose requirements are the following:

  1. Preserve all documents relevant to the matter
  2. Delete any publications calling Wright a fraud
  3. Promise not to repeat those allegations
  4. Issue an apology in open court

McCormack’s Formal Letter

McCormack’s response to the letter is that he has taken legal counsel and has 15 lawyers who are willing to represent him on a probono basis. He further confirms that Craig Wright is not the person behind the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. According to McCormack, Wright only claimed the identity in order to mislead people to invest in Bitcoin SV (BSV), a forked version of Bitcoin cash. Claiming the identity will give people the impression that the “fake BSV” is actually Satoshi’s Vision.

McCormack also stated that he is not the only one who has publicly stated that Wright is a fraud since the information has been shared publicly for years. He makes reference to the fact that if a search is conducted on Google with the search term “Craig Wright is a Fraud”, there are over 6 million results. He adds that it is an error to say he is trying to destroy Wright’s reputation since it would mean he has some left.

McCormack List His Own Terms

Accordingly, McCormack has listed the terms which Wright must also come to in order to resolve the issue. These requirements are:

  1. “He provides evidence which he is Satoshi, not the same nonsense he has published time and time again, if not then see points 2 – 6.”
  2. “His undertaking to delete all online publications where he fraudulently claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.”
  3. “His Undertaking to not repeat these fraudulent claims.”
  4. “His agreement to write an apology to everyone in Bitcoin.”
  5. “His agreement to join in a statement to an open court in which he apologizes for and acknowledges the falsity of his claims.”
  6. “His agreement to stop issuing bullying letters to people and to end his pursuit of Hodlonaut who is a legend.”

Anthony Pompliano and others who made comments on the Tweet said McCormack is a legend for having stated his terms as well.

Asides from McCormack, Hodlonaut, another cryptocurrency enthusiast has also received legal papers from Wright’s lawyers. Many have spoken in his defense and even began a crowdfunding event to help raise funds that will cover his legal fees. On the other hand, some have claimed the identity of Hodlonaut and even made a video about it.

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