Paris Street Artist Receives Bitcoin Donation

Pascal Boyart is not only famous for his artistic designs, but promoting cryptocurrency through his work. The street artist who had hidden a Bitcoin in a mural painting in December recently received one Bitcoin as a donation. Obviously, that payment would’ve only come from a die-hard fan of his work.

Street Artist Hides Bitcoin Reward in Mural Painting

In December last year, news began circulating of an artist in Paris who had hidden Bitcoin in a mural. The painting depicted Paris’ yellow vest protest and it was likened to that of the French Revolution of 1830. However, that was not the last we heard of the treasure hunt given that the puzzle in the mural was solved and someone walked away with $1,000 worth of Bitcoin as a reward.

Of recent, the artist revealed that someone has made a donation of one Bitcoin to his wallet where donations are received. Specifically, the QR code to the wallet has been designed on the wall, thereby making it easy for these rewards to be made. According to the artist, in the past one year, 1.14 Bitcoin, 5 Bitcoin cash, and 1.25 Litecoin were been received.

Boyart Shows Gratitude to the Crypto Community

Boyart goes on to thank the cryptocurrency community for the donation stating that the cryptocurrency space is full of surprises. The French artist seems to take his work serious given that the treasure hunt painting in December, was made in winter considering the cold nature of the environment. The latter was revealed by Brian O’Hagan, Coinhouse’s marketing executive who at that time, also called for more donations to be made towards Boyart’s work.

In September, Boyart also brought a ‘Crypto Art‘ initiative as a way of celebrating Bitcoin’s 10th birthday. The initiative conveyed cryptocurrency-friendly artists from all parts of the globe in Paris, which is believed to be the city of art given the renown museums and art galleries it has.

Art Industry Adopts Cryptocurrency

Asides from Boyart, the art industry seems to take a liking to Bitcoin and generally, cryptocurrency. For instance, BTCNN on November 25 informed that some cryptocurrency art paintings were auctioned. Likewise, two bicyclists, Jason Berlin, and Jovel Velasquez began a movement to promote cryptocurrency and led a charity event to raise funds for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

On November 25, BTCNN also informed that Christie’s Auction House used the Blockchain to conduct an art sale where $318 million was raised. Reportedly, the sale is the most valuable art auction that has ever been carried out using Blockchain technology.

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