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Painting by avant-garde master Baranoff-Rossine to be auctioned as a NFT

Mintable will be hosting the high-priced auction alongside more approachable pieces
An early 20th century master who boasts a permanent installation at the Museum of Modern Art is about to get new life on the blockchain. In collaboration with NFT marketplace Mintable, the family of Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine will be releasing a collection of the esteemed Cubo-Futurist’s work. There will be a number of paintings digitized as 1000-print drops, three digitized NFT piece auctions, and one hybrid NFT/physical painting auction set to send the highest bidder both a physical Baranoff-Rossine original painting as well as an NFT image of the work. On crypto market data provider Brave New Coin’s podcast, NFT marketplace Mintable CEO Zack Burks noted that the forthcoming auction may be the highest-profile example of tokenizing a physical, fine art painting. “This is historic, we’ve never had something like this in the NFT ecosystem before,” said Burks. “NFTs have been around for three years now, at least on Ethereum, and there’s never been a piece of fine art tokenized. It’s always been something we’ve discussed in the NFT ecosystem, but it’s never actually been accomplished, and especially not from someone who holds such a legacy as Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine.” Baranoff-Rossine’s grandson, also named Wladimir, said that the physical art/blockchain mashup fits well with the Russian’s legacy. Baranoff-Rossine was an inventor as well as a sculptor and painter, and was known for avant-garde experiments and pieces that fused sound, color, …
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