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Paiblock Introduces Fully-revamped Digital Assistant to Help Consumers Make Smart Financial Decisions.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Paiblock, a Global FinTech company today announced that it has launched a fully-revamped personal assistant to help consumers make smarter decisions about saving, spending, borrowing and investing.

“Paiblock’s digital assistant is designed to help consumers make good financial decisions.” says Mark Arthur, Founder and CEO of Paiblock. “Keeping a tight leash on spending is the first step toward achieving financial sanity”.

Paiblock unique value proposition cuts across the increasing need to understand and manage debt, investments and savings in ways that are effective on the one hand, and the high demand for automated end-to-end processes that can help unlock new insights that allow consumers to understand their options, on the other hand.

Paiblock’s digital assistant allows users to create and manage monthly and annual spending plans that they can relate to, and to monitor spending in relation to debt, investments and savings. In addition, Paiblock leverages the power of Monte Carlo Simulation to help predict the performance of investment portfolios, making it a must have app for anyone planning to invest in individual stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Paiblock is a bank agnostic platform that has been designed to supercharge the retail banking experience by providing consumers with:

– a better overview of their finances, across banks and countries,

– a seamless way to access current, mortgage and savings accounts,

– Intuitive tools to understand and manage student loans and credit card debt more effectively,

– a portability that enables users to share a readonly view of balance and account history with accounting and law firms,

– a digital assistant that allows consumers to make smarter decisions about saving, spending, borrowing and investing,

– a crypto exchange that allows consumers to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies in a few simple steps.

– a crypto and stock simulator to help users simulate the performance of stocks and cryptocurrencies.

“Leveraging Paiblock to realign financial goals, will allow Paiblock users to gain greater control over spending and investing on short, medium and long term”, concluded Mr. Arthur

Paiblock is built on four pillars: a highly personalized customer experience, a robust and secure digital environment, an easy to use app, and an engaging user journey from start to finish, making it easier to interact with banks.

About Paiblock

Paiblock is on a mission to provide a blockchain based and AI-powered payment and digital lifestyle platform that helps consumers gather and connect all the dots of the digital life in one secure place.


Mark Arthur


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