Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Over 950 Couples in Nevada Receive Blockchain-based Marriage Certificates

In Washoe County, Nevada, digital certificates are being issued to married couples as proof that they have been legally wedded. The certificate makes use of Ethereum Blockchain which the State says is secure and difficult to hack. A media outlet’s report reveals that Blockchain has been used in processing these certificates since April 2018.

Over 950 Couples Receive Digital Marriage Certificates

From that time to December, about 950 couples have been issued a digital certificate stored on Blockchain. The certificate is emailed to them and can be accessed from a computer or smartphone. Within 24 hours after a couple has been wedded, they can receive the proper documentation.

In comparison to the paper-based method which was previously used, this method is faster. This is because couples do not have to wait at least ten days before receiving their certificate. Another difference between the old method is that these certificates may be easily accessible, but they still need to be printed to be presented.

Ethereum Blockchain is Difficult to Hack

Phil Dhingra, a worker at Titan Seal, said the Ethereum blockchain that is used to store these certificates is difficult to hack. Besides, the digital format may match billions of paper records that have to be created on a yearly basis in the U.S. He also pointed out that “Marriage licenses and certificates are separate documents.”

Based on reports, people in the area are happy with the new development that has innovated with the use of Blockchain. The reason is, they can gain access to these certificates on time instead of having to visit the County Clerk’s office. The documents are also accepted by institutions such as the Social Security Administration.

Some Citizens Are Not Receptive of Digital Certificates

Contrastingly, some citizens have not welcomed the change and have said that they do not have access to an email. As such, it may be a bit difficult to gain access to these certificates. In the same vein, some institutions like State motor vehicle departments are a bit adamant to accept such evidence data.

Other than providing digital marriage certificates, another county in the region, Elko County wants to issue digital birth certificates to the general public. While this is still pending, there are expectations that this will be the case in the coming months.

Ohio, Texas is another U.S. state that is actively engaging with the Blockchain. In November, the state launched a platform to pay taxes using Bitcoin. A Blockchain hub was also proposed in December. This is a project that will be launched in the Case Western Reserve University (CRWU).

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