Opportunity To Tap Into The $135 Billion Gaming Industry Unveils With New Token

Opportunity to invest in the massive gaming industry unveils with the launch of a new token. The token is launched by a group of former video game executive as announced on Thursday via a release on the planet digital website.

An Avenue To Tap Into The Growing Game Industry

The video game industry is considered to worth $135 billion at the moment, and there is a projection that the industry will worth more than $180 Billion by 2022 based on present potentials of the industry.
An opportunity for everyday investors to become a part of the growing game industry has surfaced with the recently launched token. The token known as rocket token will give its investors returns from a portfolio of games. The newly launched token can be compared to REIT that trades publicly on the U.S. stock, and it offers investors exposure to a suite of real estate investment. However, it differs because the rocket token is only available for trade on the blockchain platform being built by planet digital partners.
The firm pioneering the project, planet digital partners is being led by Steve Grossman, a former executive producer of Nintendo World Championships. Grossman noted that the firm is thrilled to bring blockchain to our games and gives a compelling new experience to gamers, which were impossible before.

Benefit Of The Token To Game Developers and Investors

Grossman further stated that the token is bringing special benefits to the ecosystem; to the developers of games as well as the interested investors. According to him the developers who are involved in initiating ideas of games will get fairer terms than the producers who only purchase the game and market the game and sell, against the trend in the crypto space. This is to make sure they do not lose their intellectual property.
To the investors, Grossman stated that the token would enable them to profit from a suite of games early on. He noted that as an investor if he wants to invest in the gaming business, he would want to do that from the ground floor. This is what the token will be offering to investors as investing in games from the onset would enable them to make the right investment and yield the necessary profit.
Meanwhile, the blockchain technology and its application to the gaming industry is not new. However, this innovation is expected to revamp the mode of investment and development of games.

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