Sunday, July 12, 2020

Online Platform Uses Blockchain Technology to Find Freelancers has found a way of connecting freelancers with customers using Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence. This was made possible by creating an online resource containing the information of all freelancers. Here, these users can be searched for using their unique ID supported by blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology Used to Enhance Searches

The website is an online shop that allows users to offer a range of services. Unlike other platforms, its blockchain solution categorizes each service provider based on their skill and qualification. Thus, this enhances searches and the speed at which businesses are conducted.

As a marketplace for providing online services, freelancers have been given a rating based on a number of factors. This is a DNA verification method that includes the portfolio of their previous work, references, and recommendations made by other users. Most importantly, freelancers can scan their fingerprint as a means of verifying their profile.

A combination of all these makes it easy to find a service provider and also ensures that the actual person for the job is hired. The result is that it takes away some of the limitations prevalent in other marketplaces. This is because a user can easily locate the best freelancer suitable for a job. There is no “misapplication and inefficiency”, which are common in the existing system.

Blockchain Based Searches Saves Time and Eliminates Fees

In addition, middlemen are eliminated since there is no need for an intermediary between the parties transacting. This also puts an end to the high commission charges that both the buyer and seller may have to pay. Therefore, there is no payment barrier which could discourage people from using this marketplace.

Vlad Dobrynin, the founder and CEO of noted that the platform’s search engine was driven by Blockchain and Artificial intelligence. When searches are made, fast and accurate results are returned irrespective of the user’s location. As a result, it will change how people connect online.

The CEO also added that;

It’s a revolutionary online model which is set to radically alter how we interact online and how we trade skills and services. By leveraging decentralized networks, power is given back to users ensuring no one can use their data without their permission.

It all boils down to this, there are no membership fees or commissions and the service is faster since additional background checks are not necessary. In the same vein, employing Blockchain on this store gives customers the confidence that the data provided for each service provider can be trusted.

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