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On-Chain Update: Price Drop Causes And Long-Term Metrics

After a volatile week for bitcoin’s price, what can on-chain data tell us about the price drop, long-term HODLers, liquidity and more?Another volatile week in the books for bitcoin, with the price ranging between a new all-time high of $61,788 down to $53,221. There are several developments on chain that are worth diving into.Bitcoin Moved Off Of ExchangesBitcoin have continued to be pulled off of exchanges, now down 41,215 ($2.42 billion) in just the last 30 days. There are several factors that have been speculated to be the causes of this:Increase of awareness of the importance of cold storage in combination with a variety of new institutional-grade custody solutions that now exist.Miners have stopped selling in comparison to the rates at which they did in mid-to-late 2020, with their seven-day outflows at their lowest levels in five years, per CryptoQuant. This could partially be credited to the ease of access to liquidity for miners through maturing borrowing/lending markets. This allows them to access capital without having to sell coins onto the market.The possibility of bitcoin being locked up in escrow through borrowing/lending platforms, possibly caused by the opportunity to capture arbitrage yields through cash/carry trade that exists due to the difference between spot price/futures premiums.SourceIlliquid SupplyThe same idea can be illustrated by looking at the change of liquid supply of bitcoin. This metric indicates that liquidity is dramatically decreasing, possibly for the reasons mentioned above. This should cause a dramatic supply shock once more demand …
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