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NuCypher and Keep Network propose ‘world’s first decentralized protocol merger’

Data encryption and protection protocols Keep Network and NuCyper have announced plans to integrate around a new network dubbed “Keanu.”
The communities of crypto projects Keep and NuCypher are proposing a “hard merge,” with onlookers describing the move as “the world’s first decentralized protocol merger.”Proposals were published to the respective forums of Keep and NuCypher’s DAO on March 8, revealing discussions have been underway between the two projects for several weeks. If passed, the merger is expected to see the two projects integrated into a new interoperable network dubbed “Keanu.” 1/ Recently, a couple @keep_project and @nucypher community members reached out to broker a call. Two whirlwind weeks later, and the teams are putting a joint proposal in front of our communities.The proposal? To join forces in the first on-chain protocol hard merge.— Matt Luongo (@mhluongo) March 8, 2021
The Keep Network is a protocol allowing blockchain users to privately store and transfer data off-chain, with the team using its tech to build the decentralized Bitcoin tokenization protocol, tBTC. NuCypher similarly offers a decentralized data encryption and protection layer for Ethereum-based decentralized applications.The post written by NuCypher CEO MacLane Wilkison to his project’s DAO notes that NuCypher’s 2,000 nodes would become signers to tBTC, increasing its node-count by 1,000% and providing a robust foundation for tBTC’s coming v2 overhaul.The proposals recommend a phased roll-out for the integration. A new staking contract would first be launching, maintaining support for both NU and KEEP as work tokens. Each …
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