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Norwegian Billionaire’s Shareholder Letter Is The Year’s Most Bullish Bitcoin Article

The shareholder letter penned by Seetee’s Kjell Inge Røkke is the most bullish missive on bitcoin of 2021 so far.Yesterday, I had a strong feeling that a new institution was going to announce that it is adopting bitcoin as its treasury reserve asset today and early this morning, my prediction came true.This morning, a subsidiary of Norwegian holding company Aker, Seetee, announced that it had accumulated 1,170 BTC and that it will be investing in Bitcoin-focused companies. One can assume that those bitcoin are now tucked away in deep cold storage as it plans to HODL for the future. At the end of its tweet thread announcement, Seetee linked to a shareholder letter written by its billionaire founder Kjell Inge Røkke, explaining why it has decided to adopt a Bitcoin standard. And, oh boy, is it bullish.After reading the letter myself and discussing the content with some colleagues, we came to the conclusion that this has to be the most bullish article written so far this year. This is the type of content that Bitcoiners have dreamed of seeing, a letter from a billionaire on why bitcoin is important and how his team can build a brighter future for their company by operating on a Bitcoin standard.Below are three of my most bullish takeaways from the letter with some explanation of why they’re so important:1. The steep learning curve to understanding Bitcoin has repelled many, allowing for the strong and determined to rise to …
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