Non-governmental Organization to Promote Blockchain Technology in India

Andraha Pradesh is one of the few states in India where Blockchain technology is used in maintaining land records and vehicle title. This adoption can be attributed to the efforts of a non-governmental organization, Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society who has been trying to foster the growth of Blockchain in the region. The organization has also partnered with Tech Mahindra’s Eleven01, a Blockchain development company.

Educating People on The Use of the Distributed Ledger Technology

Their collaboration will help to educate people on the use of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Eleven01 gave more insight into the details of their partnership outlining that mentorship programs and workshops will be set up. Each of this will be targeted at developing the talent of those who are interested in learning this modern technology.
In addition, they will work together to explore the potentials of the DLT and how it can impact on their society. Therefore, their aim is to develop a Blockchain community that will come to appreciate the capabilities of this technology. They cannot achieve all this on their own, which is why they have also sought the support of some ministers in the country.

Blockchain Technology to Bring About Societal Innovation

One of the ministers, J. A. Chowdary noted that the partnership between the duo and the government will bring about an innovation in the state. In his own words;

We truly appreciate what the Eleven01 team is trying to do and we are happy to associate with them to bring advanced development and innovations with regard to the blockchain realm in the state.

Ramachandran Iyer, Eleven01’s chief product officer also revealed that the team’s vision is to turn India into a Blockchain-hub. That being the case, getting the support of the state is bringing them one step closer to achieving their goal. He also added that their collaboration will establish the best “Blockchain-ready” talents in the state.

Promoting Blockchain Technology in Schools

Many non-governmental organizations are trying to promote the use of Blockchain technology. One of such ways is encouraging Universities to offer Blockchain and Fintech courses. For example, the Bahrain Institute is offering a five-day Blockchain course to educate IT, professionals.
In the same vein, the University of Tokyo is set to offer a Blockchain course that will run for the next three years. This decision was made after donations were made by several organizations to help in establishing a Blockchain center in the according. According to the University, their goal is to educate those who have an interest in learning about the technology.

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