Nifty News: Tony Hawk’s ‘final’ ollie, man auctions farts, Star Wars and Marvel NFTs

Tony Hawk auctions tokenized ollie, NY man sells NFT farts (with low ‘gas fees’), Star Wars and Marvel NFTs to be burned by the artist and Ripple wants to cash in on the NFT craze.
Retired pro skateboarding icon Tony Hawk is the latest celebrity riding the NFT boom, announcing the imminent release of a tokenized video depicting his final ever 540-degree ollie via Ethernity Chain. This will be the last time fans will be able to see Hawk perform the trick, after landing his first one 32 years ago in 1989. Now 52, Hawk became one of the world’s top skateboarders at 16 years old and is renowned for completing the first ever 900-degree spin at the 1999 X-Games. He also holds a place in many people’s hearts for the highly successful Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater video game series. He revealed the NFTs will drop in the coming weeks and shared a video showing him practicing the stunt which left tears in his eyes after completion. The former pro noted that at his age, the 540-ollie has “gotten scarier in recent years’ and his “willingness to slam unexpectedly” into the bottom of the half pipe has “waned over the past decade.” However there’s no shame in retiring a stunt that most 20 year old’s can’t perform, and potentially cashing in on the process. New York man sells tokenized farts for $85Through the power of blockchain technology you can now fart for cash. A Brooklyn-based artist and his pals have just …
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