Next Week On ICOs: Crowd Machine, DBrain and Bulltoken

Out of all the ICOs coming out, three in caught our attention for next week:

  • Crowd Machine: A decentralized app-creating and deploying platform.
    • Currently Raised: Non-disclosed amount; went through presale.
    • Launch Date April 1.
  • Dbrain: A marketplace and app for AI / Human in the loop tasks.
    • Currently Raised: Non-disclosed amount; went through presale.
    • Launch Date April 1.
  • BullToken: An aggregated social platform for investing in ICOs.
    • Currently Raised: $1.9 Million.
    • Launch Date April 3.

First Place: Crowd Machine

Crowd Machine is a decentralized network and virtual machine capable of running apps created by authors and ran by clients or customers who can then take advantage of the app and monetize the time of the device used for the process at hand. But it is more than that; it also includes an advanced app development tool called the “Crowd App Studio”. With this tool, the programming and the deployment of the apps will be a lot faster and they will be ready for deployment on a platform agnostic blockchain service. Crowd machine aims to be the decentralized, blockchain AWS of the future.

Runner-up: DBrain

Dbrain is a decentralized, blockchain based AI task marketplace, where customers are companies need a human-in-the-loop component, and users provide the intelligence by doing tasks like labeling objects, classifying things, making bulk web searches, providing understanding for human language, and others. The thing that ties the whole marketplace will be the common coin, that customers will pay to users for completing the different tasks that will be available on this platform. It aims to be the substitute of human-in-the-loop companies like Crowdflower, that provide group based and validated tasks resolution services.

Special Pick: BullToken
Bulltoken is a community-driven investing platform, where people present their take on future ICO based on everyone’s own research; and according to that, people invest or not in that ICO. It is in essence, an ICO investment market where you incentivize good advice by giving tokens to reviewers. The ambiance of this platform would then be comprised of ICO creators, who spend tokens to introduce an ICO into the platform; reviewers, who point out and review these projects for the community, and investors, who will use tokens to fund these ICOs trough the same platform.
Disclaimer. The article provided here is given only as an informational service. This article does not constitute investment advice. BTCNN is not responsible for the actions of third parties alien to it.

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