Next Week On ICOs: Ambit, And Proof Of Toss

  • Ambit: A cryptocurrency mining operation in Georgia
    • Currently Raised: Currently on Presale.
    • Launch Date April 10.
  • ThinkCoin: An integral trading and exchanging community and platform.
    • Currently Raised: Currently on Presale.
    • Launch Date April 10.
  • Proof of Toss: A decentralized betting platform.
    • Currently Raised: Currently on Presale.
    • Launch Date April 11.

First Place: Ambit
Ambit Mining has a track record and experience in running a successful mining operation. They have constructed 1 MW diversified mining facility in Tbilisi Free Economic Zone, which has achieved 100% ROI in just 5 months, according to them. Ambit aims to scale its operation to 20 MW with diversified mining. Diversified mining is that Ambit won’t be only mining bitcoin, but will also mine ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to protect itself from possible hacks or security issues affecting only one cryptocurrency. They also have green and cheap power, because their farms will be located in Georgia. Payouts will be made with AMBT token (Ethereum based) every two weeks.

ThinkCoin is designed as a single cryptocurrency to allow trading in everyday financial products such as Stocks, Currencies (FX), Gold, Silver, Commodities and also Cryptocurrencies. ThinkCon will be the coin used for the trade network dubbed TradeConnect: a blockchain-based trading network that will enable the trading of any financial asset in the world. This software will allow individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another, where large and small users trade as equals. Trades will be verified on the blockchain, so settlements can be completed in seconds, rather than days.

Special Pick: Proof of Toss

Proof of Toss is a peer-to-peer solution that is a fully functional and decentralized betting platform, good for any type of event. All wager exists in the form of smart-contracts, that protect players with their immutable rules. Token holders can choose a role they want to play in the platform, create wagers, bet within wagers created by others or resolve disputes and determine results as judges of the platform, and earn tokens form any role they chose. Proof of Toss aims to be a reliable bet center, where all operations will be protected by the same platform.
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