Tortured For Bitcoin: South African Man Experiences Hell

Last Updated: December 4, 2018 at 1:09 PM EST
Tortured For Bitcoin: South African Man Experiences Hell

A South African cryptocurrency trader had one of the worst moments in all his life. He was invited to do a cryptocurrency presentation in a house. But the thing took a turn for the worse. He was attacked and tortured for bitcoin by a group of people. A lesson for all those who brag about cryptocurrencies publicly.

Tortured For Bitcoin

A man just known by the name of Andrew was tortured for bitcoin in South Africa. The man is a cryptocurrency trader who was invited to do a presentation on a particular house. But he only knew the man that organized the meeting by facebook. Nonetheless, the man went to the reunion with six people, but it was going to be the worst day of his life.

Tortured For Bitcoin: South African Man Experiences Hell

The six people had organized the meeting were all in a conspiracy to kidnap Andrew and get him to transfer his cryptocurrency to them. So Andrew was drugged with an unidentified substance and he was transported to another undisclosed location. Here things started getting worse for him.

He was assaulted by four unknown men that bet him and asked him for his wallet information to transfer their cryptocurrencies to him. They burned him with a hot iron and also said they would kill him if he did not give them the information. Andrew folded and transferred his cryptocurrency to them, after being tortured for bitcoin and burned.

After this, he went to a nearby hospital to get some care for his wounds, after being dropped in a road naked.

Never Brag About Crypto

Having cryptocurrencies makes people the best target for a kidnap, and that is why a Google executive called Mark Risher has recommended not to brag about your cryptocurrency holding online or in real life. Hackers and scammers are really over this kind of information. This kind of date lets them know who possess crypto. This permits them to plan their attack with more convenience. But not also online.

Tortured For Bitcoin: South African Man Experiences Hell

Cases like these highlight the importance of discretion and secrecy when dealing with digital assets in public. Hackers are not the only ones that can hurt you by stealing your coins. Common thieves and organized groups can also target you. Like Andrew, who only went to give a cryptocurrency talk and some friendly investment advice and got kidnapped. Expect these type of crimes to keep rising due to cryptocurrencies being more and more popular by the day.