Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts at Alert After Data Breach Leaks Millions of Passwords

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HeIsMyPossum, a Reddit member on January 18 brought to the attention of the community that a major data breach had occurred. Based on the user’s report, 3 billion records whose data are millions of emails and passwords were leaked. Also among them, is a folder named “BTC combos.”

Biggest Single Leak Ever Recorded

According to HeIsMyPossum, “Collection #1 is the biggest single leak ever recorded”, and the actor behind the crime is its data is Sanixer. The Redditor also said that the latter made claims to have records worth 4TB of passwords. In the same vein, the records seem to be from around 2008 to 2015, and so far, the attacker has leaked data which is worth 87 GB.

Reports also reveal that the content within these records is majorly email addresses and passwords. While this may not be a major concern, what may capture the interest of crypto enthusiasts is that there is another folder named “BTC combos.” Therefore, investors in the crypto industry have been cautioned to be at alert and take steps to ensure that they are not susceptible to any attack.

Collection #1’S Data is Gotten from Thousands of Sources

On the other hand, a closer look at the information provided by one of the sources the Redditor quoted revealed that Collection #1 was first discovered on MEGA, a cloud service platform. It was also confirmed that there were over 12,000 files in this record and its data gave it a size of 87GB.

In the same vein, Collection #1 is made up of 2,692,818,238 rows, and its data was gathered from thousands of sources. Therefore, the probability of finding one’s details is high given that there are as many as “1,160,253,228 unique combinations of email addresses and passwords”. Specifically, the number of unique email addresses and passwords are 772,904,991 and 21,222,975 respectively.

Cyber Crime Has Been on the Rise

Cybercrime is still on the rise and My Online Security; a UK-based cybercrime website recently discovered a spoofing attack prevalent on Windows, Mac, and Outlook computers. They reported that the attack disguises as BBC’s website and redirects a user to a phishing page which requests for their email and password when clicked on.

BTCNN on January 15 also reported of a movie malware that affects PCs running on the Windows Operating System to steal cryptocurrencies. The attack is made possible by changing the cryptocurrency payment addresses on websites and replacing it with that of the actor behind the crime.

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