Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Child Sexual Abuse Images Found on Bitcoin SV Blockchain

A series of disturbing images of child sexual abuse and child pornography have been discovered on Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) blockchain.

Perverted Infiltration

Once again, criminals have done one over the good intent of blockchain technology as the investigation continues to intensify after a group of users uploaded images depicting sexual abuse of children to Bitcoin SV blockchain. The new blockchain branch is a consequence of the recent hard fork of Bitcoin Cash that gave birth to the two tickers: Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.

Alarms are now being raised after reports revealed that the act was caused by some members of Bitcoin SV community, and the public is beginning to worry that the state-of-the-art security of decentralized ledger technologies might prove strange support for the perpetration of evil crimes like this. Even with the management promising to have taken quick action, there are still doubts that more illegal images might be lingering on the blockchain.

How it Went Down

According to BBC, the images were first uploaded by a member of the community onto Bitcoinfiles.org, a website that allows upload of files by its users onto a blockchain. The website was founded by a branch of nchain called MoneyButton, and has since monitored its users and the growing community. After upload, the disturbing images became immediately public on the site’s live feed which enables users to view contents that are being uploaded real time. The images were, soon after being spotted by users in the community, taken down as immediate as possible. This has however not stopped the local police from getting involved in the case.

Ryan Charles, the founder of MoneyButton, lamented the boldness of criminals who were beginning to display their disturbing tendencies thinking they would not be caught because they were uploading to a blockchain.

“Since most businesses increased the size of allowed data recently, making it possible to post large files, criminals are trying to push the limits,” he said.

“Criminals should understand that everything on the blockchain is signed, time-stamped, and linked to everything else. We have all the information we need to track down criminals and prosecute them.”

The founder of nchain itself, Jimmy Nguyen also weighed in on the matter, warning criminals that they are not safe. The fact that a blockchain is secure does not mean its users do not leave a digital trail when they perform activities on it.

According to Nguyen, nchain and Bitcoin SV community, in general, are ready to work with the authorities to ‘stamp out any illegal misuse of Bitcoin.’

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