Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Argentina Adds More Bitcoin ATMs Despite Bearish Market

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Athena Bitcoin, a crypto-ATM provider in Argentina, now made the country — fourth in Latin America to install the highest number of crypto ATMs, according to report.

Despite the bearish and unpredictable stance of crypto value in the past months, Argentina seems to be unshaken as another set of Bitcoin ATMs (BATMs) were reportedly installed in different parts of the country.

According to Santiago Molins — Director of Innovation at Athena Bitcoin, the company would be working out to install another two crypto ATMs at the end of 2018. Before this, five crypto ATMs were already installed in populated places in their capital city, Buenos Aires.

“The idea is to put in the first and second week of January the last ones that we have left in the laboratory, which would be two or three more. At this moment we are covering the Federal Capital, Buenos Aires and its surroundings,” Molins stated. 

Most of the crypto ATMs were placed in shopping malls and Walmart supermarkets to gain attention from the masses. Athena Bitcoin also created the ‘arcade’ design of Bitcoin ATM which gained a lot of interests from their citizens.

Molins also added that Athena Bitcoin aims to achieve Argentina to become a bitcoin-savvy country especially during the current financial crisis the country was experiencing.

Financial Crisis in Argentina

It was reported that Argentina was recently experiencing a financial crisis. Due to this, a few groups in the country demand the usage of cryptos as the ‘safe’ keeper of their money.

Along with this, the number of crypto ATMs in Argentina increased over time, and Athena Bitcoin sees this as an opportunity for more BATMs in the country.

World Seeks Crypto ATMs

However, Argentina is not the only country advancing to installing more crypto ATMs. As a matter of fact, according to the recent report of Data Light, there has been a massive increase of crypto ATMs all over the world since the start of the year — amounting to over 4,000 total number of crypto ATMs.

What Does This Mean?

Now, that crypto ATMs are being brought and installed in almost every country all over the world. The path of cryptocurrencies to become mainstream may now be easily applied which also means that crypto value may turn its way upward again in no time.

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