Newly Discovered Memos and Emails Proving to be Facebook and Google’s Undoing

From private emails and furtive memos that are slowly getting unearthed, the ‘powers that be’ are no longer showing tech giants such as Facebook, and Google any patience.

Digging up Old Bones

Facebook and Google have long been at the center of controversies regarding the collection and privacy of data of its customers, and by customers that might just be billions of people scattered across 149 countries.
Facebook, especially, has been the poster boy of all ‘digital gangster-acts’ and most recently came under the ire of the UK government who ranted that digital gangsters such as Facebook should not be allowed to get away with their consistent misdemeanors with users’ data and their unwillingness to adhere to regulations.
After a shocking memo written by Facebook’s Vice President, Andrew Bosworth emerged last week, talks about Facebook influencing Donald trump’s win in the 2016 US election resuscitated again, with the UK being encouraged to avoid giving Facebook the leeway they are currently enjoying in many countries.
The House of Commons promptly condemned Facebook who are obviously nonchalant about adhering to UK lawmakers or any other despite saying otherwise; with the former admonishing UK lawmakers that Facebook is currently seeing themselves beyond the law.

“Companies like Facebook should not be allowed to behave like ‘digital gangsters’ in the online world, considering themselves to be ahead of and beyond the law,” House of Commons wrote.

Google, the bigger of the two is not spared the chafing axe too, even if it has managed to be less ‘subtle’ about its immunity to law. The Russian government has repeatedly come into clashes with the tech giant instructing them to comply with Russian laws which require servers holding Russian data to be located locally in the country. Well, all Google has done for years now is pay the consequent annual fine which though magnanimous in the Russian currency barely commands half a million dollars.

New Smoking Gun Evidence

A leaked memo justifying terrorist acts as long as ‘Facebook still connected millions of people’ proved to Facebook’s undoing, and a new unearthed email might just be the smoking gun evidence needed to nail Google.
The company’s advertising model has long been a subject of scrutiny and controversy, but a recent discovery which showed CEO of Interactive Advertisement Bureau Townsend Feehan ‘lobbying’ email to senior staff in the European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content, and Technology, has raised more than eyebrows and unearthed the bones we had missed beneath the earth. The email showed Feehan dissuading commission staffers against proposals for a new ePrivacy Regulation – which had been meant to be implemented with General Data Protection Regulations, but had instead been in limbo for a long while now.
The battle for privacy and data regulation is still ongoing as privacy warriors continue to fight and unearth significant pieces of evidence, it is only a matter of time tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are forced to face the music.

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