New UPS Partnership Uses Blockchain to Improve Supply Chain

UPS, the popular US-based postal carrier partners Inxeption, an e-commerce technology company to launch a blockchain powered platform aimed at improving merchants supply chain. UPS revealed this in a press release on the 21st of March.

A Bold Step Towards Improving Merchants Supply Chain

The newly launched blockchain platform is named Inxeption Zippy. The blockchain solution is configured to enable firms list, market, and distribute their products to those who need them. This purportedly aids merchants to monitor the entire supply chain from product listing to delivery, and also to ensure that sensitive data such as contacts, specific pricing, and rates are only accessible to buyers and sellers.

Also, through the use of this platform merchants will be able to upload product information, schedule orders, monitor returns, process transactions, and review sales and marketing analytics, among other services.

After UPS made an undisclosed equity investment in Inxeption in mid-January, Farzad Dibachi, CEO of Inxeption noted that business customers need secure platforms that protect their customer data and proprietary information, while making it easy for them to interact and even collaborate more effectively with their customers.

Also, Dibachi mentioned that its partnership with UPS is revolutionizing B2B e-commerce and bringing companies and their customers together online in a trusted manner. He further explained,

“This relationship creates simplified pricing solutions for B2B merchants with limited digital marketing and IT resources to easily manage all aspects of selling and shipping from one secure place.”

Furthermore, Kevin Warren, chief marketing officer for UPS, had also mentioned that,

“The growth of e-commerce is driving B2B buyers to expect the same fast and convenient shopping experiences that consumers enjoy. Working with Inxeption is another way we’re creating innovative solutions that help small businesses deliver quality service for their customers and succeed in e-commerce.”

Blockchain Improving Supply Chain System

Adopting blockchain technology to improve the supply chain system of businesses has grown in recent time. The U.S. National Pork Board partnered with blockchain startup to test out a blockchain platform for pork supply chains. This purportedly enables monitoring and evaluating sustainability practices, food safety standards, livestock health, and environmental protections.

Also, North America’s largest branded shelf-stable seafood firm, Bumble Bee Foods, launched a blockchain platform for seafood traceability recently. This is meant to enable its customers to observe the entire supply chain, and access information on products’ origins and shipping history by using a smart device to scan a QR code on the product package.

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