New Partnership To Provide Another Way To Earn Via Online Gaming On The NEM Blockchain

Cryptaur has partnered with ProximaX and NEM to bring about its promotion and locality in certain regions. Most especially, the locality of its Blockchain based-game, X-Game in regions which the other two are already present. This agreement was signed between the trio after the demonstration of the game at the event, GITEX Future Stars 2018.

Collaboration to Host Players ePassport and Details

The collaboration with ProximaX will enable the latter to host the ePassport of all players of the game. This advanced extension of Blockchain will also take care of their avatar and other details relating to them. The NEM blockchain platform, on the other hand, will keep track of all the players in the game.
Dimitri Buriak, CEO of Cryptaur said that its partnership with ProximaX will give users confidence about the Cryptaur platform. In addition, there were possibilities in the future of storing personal files using a modern encryption algorithm. This will ensure that the files are well protected.

X-Game Play-to-Earn Rewards Players With Digital Currency

The X-Game is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) that rewards its players with CPT. This is Cryptaur’s digital currency that can either be withdrawn as CPT or fiat money. In comparison with other games, this is not a Free-to-play (F2P) game. This is because it does not use in-app purchases like other games.
F2P games tend to earn from adverts within the game or by asking the player to upgrade to higher levels by unlocking coins. Others include additional lives, special abilities, and changing of an avatar. Despite the user’s willingness to spend and be entertained, they are unable to withdraw the points they have earned. This and many more makes them differ from a P2E game like the X-Game.

X-Game’s P2E to Reinvent The Gaming Industry

Its developer, Cryptaur has been recognized by CNN and several others as an industry leader. Based on the developer’s report, the aim of the X-Game is to reinvent the gaming industry. This is done by rewarding the time and effort spent playing the game and as such, it does take advantage of a the Pay-to-Win (P2W) gaming method.
Statistics show that players spent about $22 billion for in-game purchases in 2015. With time, this amount is expected to reach $32 billion each year and even exceed that amount in 2020. If that’s the case, it shows that there is a lot of user interest in this industry. Therefore, a game of this nature is one more way to promote Blockchain technology.

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