New Partnership Enables Everyone Purchase Cryptos On Regular ATMs In The U.S.

Genmega and LibertyX partners to enable the use of a debit card for the purchase of Bitcoin at normal retail ATMs in the United States of America. This partnership activated the purchase of Bitcoin on over 100,000 ATMs in the country.
The US has about 2,300 cryptocurrency ATMs in the country. However, a press release of finextra on Monday informed Americans of purchasing bitcoin on over 100, 000 ATM in the country. This takes cryptocurrency enabled ATM number in the country to a geometric growth in a day.
The partnership between Genmega and LibertyX enhances the possibility of new development. Genmaga is an ATM-maker that serves the IAD market while LibertyX is known as America’s largest retail bitcoin exchange.
The latest development sees all the Genmega ATMs in the country enabled as a bitcoin ATM, as bitcoin purchase is now possible with a debit card on all Genmega ATM. The latest development is the first of its kind in the United States.
The CEO and co-founder of LibertyX mentioned that the firm has been working tirelessly to make the purchase of cryptocurrencies easier for the past five years. The recent initiative is noted as bringing simplicity, convenience, and trust to cryptocurrency purchasing experience through the timeless ATM.
The simplicity offered is the familiarity of operating normal ATM for fiat currency and the similar application to purchase of cryptocurrency on the ATMs with the LibertyX interface.
Wes Dun, Genmega senior vice president, noted that ATM operators are always looking for ways to grow volume and transactions. Dun further pointed out that the firm is very excited to work with LibertyX on the new initiative that will drive additional foot traffic to merchant locations and provide added revenue to its operators. This will ensure they stay ahead of the market and give added values to the consumers.
2018 has seen a drastic increase in the number of crypto ATMs in circulation. Growth from less than a thousand which had earlier been recorded to have grown to over 3,000 this year before. The new initiative has taken the figure to hundreds of thousands.