New Freelancer Marketplace Rewards Users with Bitcoin Cash

If you’ve ever wanted to complete a task on Fiverr or Seoclerks and get rewarded with cryptocurrency. On March 13, Tobias B informed users of the Reddit community about the public beta launch of Lazyfox. The latter is a Question & Answer and Task marketplace where payments are made with Bitcoin Cash.

Platform to Offer Features Compared to StackOverflow and Fiverr

Based on Tobias B’s publication on Reddit, is a platform that seeks to provide features similar to that of StackOverflow and Fiverr. Therefore, users can either create tasks, solve tasks or resolve disputes. In either case, payments can be made and received with Bitcoin cash, the 6th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

In the aspect of creating tasks, a user of the platform can either choose to ask questions or set tasks that need to be solved. When these questions are answered, the respondent will be rewarded with the virtual asset depending on what was agreed upon. However, there are cases where the answer to the user’s query does not meet their requirement.

Dispute Feature to Help in Resolving Issues Between Users

If that’s the case, the dispute feature can be taken advantage of. A team of about 1 to 5 users made up of pre-selected or random members of the platform will vote in order to determine the validity of the answer. Accordingly, rewards can be duly determined and those who partake in resolving disputes can also earn Bitcoin cash.

On the other hand, Tobias revealed that for a potential member to sign up, all they need is a username and password. He adds that the platform does not store email and other user data. In his opinion, all user data can still be hacked despite the security measures that have been put in place. As such, Lazyfox does not store such data in the first place.

Bitcoin Address Signature Can be Used to Create an Account

Tobias also stated that instead of a username and password, a bitcoin signature can be used to create an account. Likewise, owners of a badger wallet can directly signup and login using the button on the page. A reputation mechanism will also be added to members in order to enable buyers to identify reliable users.

Some Redditors, on the other hand, who made comments, revealed that they have started using the platform. BTCNN on November 26 also informed of a freelancer website that is based on blockchain technology. as the platform is called, enables writers to be found easily using their unique ID which is based on the blockchain.

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