New Australian Startup Promotes Sending Crypto Via Email

Cryptocurrencies, as revolutionary as they are, still have a really high barrier for newbies to get into them. There are significant aspects that make cryptocurrencies difficult to handle. The idea of non-custodial money not issued by any government is still a tough sell for many people accustomed to fiat.
And also there is the technical barrier. While many startups have made their best to make cryptocurrencies as friendly to people as they can, some things cannot be changed for the better without tinkering with code. Things like addresses, long chains of alphanumeric characters just to identify a wallet, are still a major letdown for normal people.

Emails As Wallets

But what if a startup would achieve the breakthrough of successfully using mail to send and receive cryptocurrencies of any kind? It would surely be a popular option and would help to push adoption forward. Well, this is what an Australian-based platform called Quixi-connect is offering to its customers. It works by linking addresses and mail n the same platform, so users can send their payments to emails immediately.
Much of the debate of using emails as cryptocurrency wallets come from the security issue, and it is totally understandable. E-mail has become a kind of easily hackable tech today, and email providers like Google let third parties poke into your mail whenever they need to.
But this startup claims that their security system is safe enough to handle this kind of vulnerabilities. It features encrypting keys right on the blockchain so people could be safe about their info being protected.

A Rather Insecure Push For Adoption

There have been incidents when using mail for distributing cryptocurrencies before: Coinbase, one of the most famous exchanges in the USA has been involved in a class suit regarding “unclaimed” bitcoins sent via email. Coinbase claimed that unclaimed bitcoins sent over email would be returned to their senders, but the plaintiffs claim that the amounts were just taken from then and never returned to the senders. We’ll see how it goes to this startup in their journey.

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