Mouth-Watering Offer for Bitcoin Buyers: Minimal Risk, Good Profit

Cedric Jeanson, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BitSpread Ltd, has come up with an offer that cannot be refused by investors who became wary of Bitcoin after its crash last year, to help them make profits in the crypto market. The potential offer is also expected provide them with protection against any form of market collapse, in which case they will be able to recover most of their money.

A Typical Win-Win Situation for Bitcoin Buyers

This offer is being made through BitSpread Ltd, which according to Jeanson will be the very first set of products that will shield investors’ capital in Bitcoin trades. The contracts will be operational for two years and will provide protection for 85% of a buyer’s principal, and if any profit is realized, they will receive a 33% share of it in average price. Assuming this offer was in place before the Bitcoin market collapse, a lot of buyers wouldn’t have incurred so many losses.
Cedric Jeanson is a derivatives veteran who in the year 2014 established his blockchain asset research and advisory company. Speaking on the issue, Jeanson said:

“We are proposing to limit an investor’s downside, which is a reassurance many people need after last year.’’

“Investors are interested in this asset class because of its lack of correlation to other markets.”

Is There Any Better Offer for Bitcoin Buyers Needing Reassurance?

Bitcoin experienced a surge that surprised many, even expert analysts, in 2017 but unfortunately, its moment of glory was short lived as it took a plunge in 2018, leaving devastation in its wake. At the moment, it is not a surprise to find out that many have abandoned the token and those in this category are the casual buyers, leaving just the true believers and those who can withstand real pain to carry on. Finding a way to harness some of the gains and at the same time cutting back on losses could be a proposition Bitcoin buyer would find attractive, said the Singapore-based Jeanson over the phone.
The products were created for professional investors, and they are also part of a group of crypto derivatives steadily gaining attention. In late 2017, Bitcoin futures were introduced to the world, and in the past six months, a market for bilateral digital currency options has been in existence.
BitSpread is not going to be excluded in this project, in fact, the firm will be an active participant in the mission to protect investors’ capital by investing about 80% of its funds in JPMorgan Chase & Co investment-grade bonds, Jeanson said.

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