Most Profitable ICOs

One of the most interesting trends that have been initiated by cryptocurrencies is that of ICOs. While the traditional market for IPOs was regulated and more organized, ICOs or Initial Coin offerings come with their own unique set of benefits.

All traders wishing to make a mark in the world of cryptocurrencies, deal in ICOs because there is a chance for them to master the wave of change and be a significant part of a cryptocurrency balloon that isn’t going to bust anytime soon. Numerous new cryptocurrencies have been successful in generating useful sums of money through the means of these ICOs. Here we mention some of the most profitable ICOs that have led the way when it comes to profitability.


Iconomi attracted huge interest from investors during their ICO. The main aim of the company is to allow literally anyone the luxury of creating their own digital asset arrays. By giving users the opportunity to create their own DAA, this digital asset management offering also allows users to manage their DAAs.
Their team raised something around $10m in funding, despite its rather ambitious goal. More than 4000 investors ranging from different corners of the world showed their interest in the company and bought the initial offerings.


Offered to the public during the year 2016, Waves exceeded all expectations to raise a huge sum of money. Waves made quite an impact by raising bitcoins valued around $16m. The Waves ICO faced controversy later on, as many forums on bitcoin alleged that the company had scammed the investors into funding the ICO. Despite the allegations, Waves is still a very important part of the cryptocurrency rave, which indicates that the allegations were just overstated rumors.


The Lisk platform has enjoyed huge success, especially during their ICO stage. Ever since the project has been launched, their team is constantly looking to add more to the project and offer a better experience to users using their wallet. Lisk raised an astounding $5.8m during its ICO and was commended by many renowned investors. They currently have a staggering total of 101,000 BTCs under their control.

Golem Project

Golem Project has the amazing feat of gathering more than $8.6m within a matter of minutes. Golem, which is a decentralized market for computing power, was expected to infuse this interest within users who were eagerly anticipating the release of the ICOs. ICOs from famous projects are bound to excite users because of the feasibility and security they provide in this largely unregulated market.


Ethereum can be called as the founding father of all ICOs as it was the first one to lay the concept of an ICO on paper. The team was able to generate over $18m within the matter of a month. The astounding sum of investment makes it one of the most funded ICO in the history of cryptocurrency. Ethereum has not looked back after the successful ICO and continues to grow as the second most valuable cryptocurrency across the world.