On the heels of the last stimulus package, U.S. President Joe Biden is creating more legislation that may lead to a massive $3 trillion package dedicated to domestic needs and infrastructure. The recent discussions with Biden and Senate Democrats honed in on the political party’s “Build Back Better” campaign. The recent stimulus talks have a few economists feeling optimistic about the future of the American economy, while Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said: “the next stimulus bill will have to be paid for through higher tax rates.”
Biden and Senate Democrats Push for Infrastructure Relief Stimulus Estimated to be Around $3 Trillion
The U.S. government doesn’t seem to want to stop creating money, as talks of passing more stimulus legislation have increased almost right after the passing of $1.9 trillion just a few weeks ago. Despite the fact that average Americans are concerned about purchasing power and inflation, central bank members and politicians continue to find ways to create more funds.
Reports have noted that U.S. President Joe Biden met with fellow Democrats on Monday about a relief package that will help fund infrastructure. Columnists from Marketwatch and the New York Times say that the package will be around $3 trillion and it is focused on family-friendly policies and rebuilding infrastructure like hospitals and school programs.
Fresh after U.S. President Joe Biden and Congress passed the recent $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package, Biden and Senate Democrats are looking to push another stimulus package estimated to be around $3 trillion. Politicians …
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