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MoonCats users are voting to destroy the keys to its final 160 ‘Genesis’ tokens

The MoonCats community are worried its final 160 “Genesis” collectibles will all be accumulated by bots, with more than 70% voting to destroy the tokens’ private keys.
MoonCats, the long-dormant tokenized collectibles platform that was re-discovered earlier this month, now has a problem on its hands — trading bots. MoonCats collectibles depict 8-bit cats that live on the moon that can be traded or “adopted” by users. The project was launched on Aug. 9, 2017 by developer Ponderware, with a hard limit of 25,500 MoonCats set to be created through a process similar to Ethereum mining. However, the MoonCats community is now fearing the upcoming release of the final 160 Genesis cats may be hijacked by trading bots, with users complaining that Mooncats has become overrun by bots programmed to accumulate new cats the moment they can be purchased. MoonCats was rediscovered earlier this month amid the booming growth of the NFT industry. When collectors recently became aware of the project, it was reported that MoonCats NFTs were going for between $50 to $200. However, prices have since increased rapidly, with MoonCats now trading for  1 ETH on averag. The most sought-after breed of tokenized space cats are “Genesis MoonCats” — tokens that were among the first 256 mined on the platform. A Genesis MoonCat sold for 100 ETH worth roughly $180,000 earlier this month. With the final 160 Genesis cats currently awaiting release and the MoonCats community fearing they may be all bought by bots, Ponderware is looking to the MoonCats community to decide how to proceed next.On March 17, the developer launched a …
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