Monero Hackers Could Be Cryptojacking Your Pc In a Flash (Update)

Cryptojacking attempts have been on the rise lately. The idea of getting some money from mining on a remote PC without their owners knowing it seems too convenient for making a quick buck, and hackers do know it. While the amount of cryptocurrency they can get from one pc is almost irrelevant, infecting tens of thousands of computers with these tools sounds more interesting.
That is why their methods have been evolving since their beginnings. Now it seems that they are using setups of supposedly legit programs to install their mining programs on vulnerable computers. A security firm confirmed that more than one hundred instances of Adobe Flash setups were designed to install a Monero program to mine cryptocurrency in the background.
According to the report, the program runs normally and even installs the desired update for Flash, but then goes to install a Monero cryptocurrency mining software called XMRig, that turns the computer into a Monero farm. Adobe Flash, the software that this malware piggybacks n, has always been a headache for software security firms. It has historically been one of the weakest software when it comes to cybersecurity. But because of its functionality that permitted users to enjoy quality content, play some online games and watch Youtube (before that the HTML5 video was available), it was installed in virtually every computer available out there.
Times they are a changing, and now Flash is now a relic of the past, but some legacy pages still need it to run, and hackers still use this as a way of getting the most users possible to fall in their trap.
Luckily, Adobe has already been informed about this security flaw and has addressed it by launching a fix that will supposedly avoid this embedded software from being installed. Adobe will have to stay put with security fixes for this legacy product until 2020 when the company will phase out this product completely.
Monero has been the cryptocurrency of choice for most hackers due to the fact that it is one the easiest cryptocurrencies to mine. Any cracker out there can embed Coinhive, a Monero mining script, into a webpage and start affecting millions on users without notice.
But at least, the world is more aware of this threat and some people have already been convicted by similar charges. In Japan recently more than 15 people were arrested by infecting computers with malware to mine Monero.

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