Monday, June 17, 2019

Mobile Crypto Wallet Turns Spare Change Into Crypto Tokens

Imagine buying some coffee with the cost of $2.97. You presented your credit card to the cashier and had your change of $0.03. Little amount, you’ll say? Well, not to the crypto market.

Spare For Shakepay

Spare change in our daily purchases are now the target of Canada-based mobile crypto exchange and peer to peer wallet, Shakepay.

Accoding to their announcement on Medium post, Shakepay introduces their newest service called ‘Shakepay Change’. This new feature targets your grocery to online store spare changes into investing in the crypto market.

“With Shakepay Change, we hope more to involve more Canadians in the bitcoin world as we continue on our mission to create open access to building wealth,”  says Jean Amiouny, Shakepay CEO.

How Does It Work? 

As explained, the user must first connect their credit or debit card to Shakepay. Once linked successfully, Shakepay may now automatically use spare changes into buying the user’s very own bitcoin tokens. The system will round off every purchase of the user into the nearest dollar and then, use these to purchase their cryptocurrency. Each purchase will also be included to the user’s crypto wallet in where they can easily transfer and sell cryptos instantly. However, Shakepay informed on their post that there will be a 0.75 percent service charge once the user decides to buy and sell their cryptos.

“We’re excited that Shakepay Change will allow every Canadian to easily own bitcoin, buying small amounts gradually over time. Many of our customers already buy bitcoin week after week for the purpose of long-term holding,” says Amiouny.

Is it Safe?

Aside from this, the company assures that Canadians and their accounts will be safe and protected with their system. As a matter of fact, Amiouny stated that they enhanced their security feature through their included “2-Factor authentication, email confirmations for outgoing crypto transactions, app PIN code, [and] login alerts, among other fraud detection programs internally.”

While the security of Shakepay was provided to be efficient, the company also explained that the users will not be hassled anymore with finding banks that are partnered with Shakepay since the company already made arrangements to the Canadian banks and unions; making their service available for all people in Canada soon.

No More Excuses

The issue of spending a lot for cryptocurrencies are now being disregarded as Shakepay provides the easiest and cheapest starting line for all crypto enthusiasts out there. With your cents from your purchases, your change can now be easily turned into your crypto investments.



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