Press Release is Creating Ecosystem for Leveraging Global Expertise in AI

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UK-based AI platform, Mindsync, is creating a decentralized, community-driven ecosystem that allows global businesses to get their business tasks solved through AI technologies by a community of expert technologists from around the world.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been proven to help reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and vastly improve the customer experience. AI is not the future, it is the present and our lives are already being transformed positively by AI-powered technologies. Personal Assistants like Alexa and Siri, as well as popular tools like Google Maps, Google Photos and many more apps and functionalities that we use daily are all powered by the limitless potential of AI technologies.
But ironically, companies around the world are finding it extremely difficult to incorporate these technologies in their business processes. The primary reasons are lack of enough experts, complexity in integration and adaptation, high demand of computing power (that increases costs) and security issues.
What is Mindsync?
To solve these pain points, Mindsync is creating a unified platform that will bring the best global talent in AI technologies together. It is creating an active community of experts in the fields of ML (Machine Learning), CV (Computer Vision), NLP (Natural Language Processing), Deep Learning and Data Science. The ultimate aim of the platform is to create a human swarm intelligence on a decentralized supercomputer.
Any business regardless of its size can leverage AI technologies in making its processes efficient by simply creating a competition on the Mindsync …
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