Microsoft waffling over Bitcoin? BTC’s return to Xbox unlikely to spur adoption

While Microsoft may accept Bitcoin for its Xbox Games Store could be a good sign for the industry, it is unlikely to have a major impact.
Microsoft has been sending mixed signals when it comes to its true intentions regarding Bitcoin (BTC) as well as the cryptocurrency market in general. On one hand, Microsoft president Brad Smith gave an interview earlier this year, claiming that the multinational was not even the least bit interested in dabbling in Bitcoin, stating that Tesla’s move to invest $1.5 billion had not changed anything for the company.However, just a couple of days ago, the tech giant seemed to showcase a change of heart by reportedly releasing a poll online asking its customers how they would like to pay for their purchases in the Xbox Games Store in the future, with one of the most prominent options on the list being Bitcoin. This development also comes right after Smith stating that fintech firms have no business issuing private digital currencies, arguing that central banks are there to look after the “common good” of the masses and thus should be the ones who are in command of the world’s money supply streams.If Bitcoin does get accepted as a means of payment in the Xbox Games Store, it would not be the first time that Microsoft would have dabbled in crypto because as far back as 2014, the company has been accepting Bitcoin to fund its accounts, allowing United States-based users to acquire a whole …
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