Microsoft Bing Reportedly Blocked Over 5 Million Ads In 2018

Bing, one of the most famous search engine on the internet, currently revealed that they had blocked 5 million crypto advertisements under their system in the whole year of 2018.

As posted by its mother company– Microsoft, the Bing Ads team that controls all content of advertisements in the website, admitted that they had been blocking all crypto-related commercials and advertisements in 2018, as per the company’s ad quality check.

Checking What’s Quality and Not

In Microsoft’s article entitled Ad Quality Year in Review 2018, the company presented their researches about the different platforms that they banned ads pertaining that they are indeed ‘used by scammers’ to exploit money and other things from their users– one of these and the most focused subject discussed in the article was cryptocurrency advertisements.

“While digital advertising is incredibly powerful and open, it is also prone to abuse by bad actors trying to defraud and deceive users by delivering harmful and misleading ads, with persuasive content and innocent looking URLS that lead to phishing, malware attacks and other types of fraud,” cited from Ad Quality Year in Review 2018.

‘Crypto Brings Fraudsters Close To The Users’

As explained by Bing Ads, cryptocurrencies are full of volatilities and unpredictable worth in value. Its promises high returns and anonymous users made cryptocurrencies “a prime target for fraudsters and scam artists to defraud end-users.”

With this, Bing decided to ban all cryptocurrency-related advertisements on their websites and continue to not support the medium until now.

More Banned Tech-Related Websites

Additionally, the website also disclosed the information that they banned more than 12,000 Bing Ads accounts– which they did not say whether related to crypto or not– as these accounts were investigated by their team as suspicious to scams and frauds.

More to this, 900 million ads and 300,000 websites were said to be blocked and deleted on Bing since 2018 in order to show how they restrict and protect their users from being defrauded and scammed using their platform– as quoted, Bing is “committed to deliver accurate and relevant information to our customers and protect them from low quality or harmful experiences.”

Companies That Banned Cryptocurrency Ads In The Past

Although Bing was not obviously as famous as Google, the website’s stance on crypto-related advertisements were still important for the industry since a lot of internet-related companies were already making their way out of virtual currencies.

As previously reported in BTCNN, Google– that already regained its position back in the crypto side– allegedly banned some crypto again, specifically Ethereum ads. This accusation was made by an Ethereum start-up– Decenter, however, Google has not admitted anything about this issue.

In March 23, even the world of e-commerce started to stop supporting cryptos as Mercado Livre (Mercado Libre), Latin America’s largest e-commerce site, had announced their position to ban all crypto-contained advertisements- warning their users to stop using ads related to these.

These platforms that discontinues to support crypto slowly becomes an alarming news for the industry since cryptocurrencies’ fame depends on advertisements we see online. Without these, the industry might die.

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