Metis Launches Layer 2 Alpha Testnet

Ethereum Layer 2 protocol Metis has released details of its Metis Rollup design and Alpha testnet. The initiative will enable decentralized finance projects to trial the creation and management of their own DApps on Metis Rollup, a scalable Layer 2 solution, within an ultra-low-fee and more-function environment.
Built using an optimized version of Optimistic Rollups, Metis Rollup enables users to easily launch their own decentralized applications and leverage the embedded framework of Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs) to manage decentralized collaborations from within, while ensuring they are low-cost and highly scalable, and offer more functionality. The Alpha testnet will give interested parties an opportunity to experiment with some showcase features of Metis ahead of the Layer 2’s mainnet launch.
Rollups entail transactions being batched into a single tx on Layer 2, before later being broadcast to the main network – Ethereum – to ensure full finality. Leading developers, including Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, have advocated for rollups as the best solution for scaling Ethereum.
On Metis Rollup, an array of possibilities that are impractical to conduct on Layer 1 become available. These include micropayments, business applications, and incentivized social media DApps that support a thriving economy between creators, influencers, and fans. 
Metis overcomes several of the problems that are inherent to existing Layer 2 solutions, including bottlenecks of long waiting time from Layer 2 to Layer 1. Metis’ solution provides greater decentralization through utilizing multiple VMs; greater usability through providing enhanced privacy (storing sensitive data to IPFS) and shorter withdrawal times (Rangers system); and an easy-to-build setup through its microservice …
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