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Metis Gears Up for Alpha Testnet Release

Metis, an Ethereum-based layer two scaling solution, is preparing to launch the first iteration of its testnet. The Alpha testnet will allow developers and users to interact with the network, test out its functionality, and pinpoint any areas for the development team to fix before the mainnet launch. Metis’ layer-two rollup will feature nominal fees and an overall more user-friendly environment, ushering in an era where users can easily interact with distributed smart contract applications without having to pay over the odds.

Making Ethereum More Usable

With relatively simple smart contract transactions costing hundreds of dollars in fees, a solution is needed or Ethererum risks being replaced by a more practical smart contract network. This is why Metis is building a layer-two solution on top of Ethereum, allowing for the use of Ethereum-based applications and assets without having to fully rely on the main layer for instant and cheap transaction verification. 

Metis will enable a lot of functionality that is currently impractical with Ethereum, such as micropayments, value-generating social media platforms, and business applications, all of which would demand high transaction fee payments to operate in its current state. Metis is able to accomplish these feats through its rollup infrastructure. This provides Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs) the ability to better manage and leverage their decentralized applications by ensuring long-term scalability and low-cost interactions. 

Introducing Layer-Two Features to Change the Game

Metis can provide more comprehensive decentralization through multiple VMs (virtual machines), expanding on EVM capabilities. Metis is also able to …
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