Media Firm Launches Blockchain-based Publishing Software

PUBLISH Inc, a company which was launched by TokenPost, a South Korea-based media outlet has released a Blockchain-based publishing software. The application is called PUBLISHsoft and it is targeted at the next generation publishers. PUBLISHsoft is said to be built by the press for the press and it uses the latest media production tools and the Distributed Ledger Technology.

TokenPost Now Using PUBLISHsoft

TokenPost is now using the platform and there are expectations that other companies will do the same. This is a publishing system that enables publishers to create news and other media materials. They can choose from several templates to design their website and also check how their advertisements are performing.
The application of Blockchain technology allows editions that have been made on an article traceable. That being so, a publisher can tell when their articles were edited, when, and by whom. The new platform also comes with a reward button which encourages readers to donate a tip to the writer for their remarkable work.

Enterprise Version to Aid in Raising Funds

Based on reports, there will be an enterprise version of the software that can only be used by a selected group of persons. Publishers using this version can raise funds by selling tokens. They can also use these tokens to reward their readers for carrying out certain actions such as commenting, liking, or upvoting.
Sonny Kwon, CEO of the PUBLISH Protocol said the software can significantly impact on the media industry and also bring about improvements in this field. He also added their vision for creating PUBLISHsoft, is to offer a blockchain-based platform for digital media. Therefore, this will encourage the adoption of Blockchain technology in the media industry.

Several Industries Are Promoting Blockchain’s Adoption

The media industry is not alone when it comes to promoting the widespread use of the Distributed Ledger Technology. It should then come as a surprise if an industry is not employing this modern technology. The Automotive industry is using it to improve its processes, so are the Health, Education, Farming, and Shipping sectors of the economy.
It is also worthy to note that government is also trying to educate the ordinary citizen on what Blockchain is. This is because an acceleration of its adoption can be brought about from the grassroots. Here, even an average citizen will understand why they need the technology and what it is used for. Therefore, you will find a Blockchain center in Austria and schools like University of Tokyo and UCLA offering a Blockchain course.

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