McDonald's Unveils MacCoin, The First Food Backed Currency

One of the world’s biggest fast-food retailers, McDonald’s is capitalizing heavily on the recent popularity of cryptocurrencies and launching a currency that they describe as the world first food-backed currency: the MacCoin. This as a new attempt to attract new audiences by commemorating the 50th anniversary of their insignia product: the Big Mac.
McDonalds, being one of the oldest and greatest food tycoons in the whole world, knows the value of a good publicity stunt when it is launched. By coupling the old Big Mac with the new concept of cryptocurrencies, they are mixing it up to attract new audiences to both Big Mac and cryptocurrencies alike. Though advertised as a “food-backed currency”, sadly McDonald’s did not fully go digital with this one; the advertising campaign shows a physical token.
The token will be available in five different designs, each one to represent the theme of each one of the decades that the Big Mac has been around. The Big Mac is a big product, used in some cases as a comparative index between local currencies and the dollar, to compare prices and examine currency valuations. While McDonald’s promote this idea as the first attempt at launching a “food-backed currency”, the truth is that Oscar Mayer did it before when it launched its own cryptocurrency called the Bacoin, that was redeemable for a pack of bacon strips.
The tokens will be given with the purchase of a Big Mac at the fast food restaurants as collectibles, and you will be able to change them for another Big Mac. According to the press release of the company, more than 6.2 million MacCoins will be distributed globally in more than 50 countries, a statement that gives an idea of the sheer size that this promo has.
Day by day, each traditional company is trying to associate with the new decentralized cryptocurrency tech to bring some attention to their traditional products. McDonald’s has tried just that, and it will surely pay off.

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