Market Volatility Liquidates More Than $600M in Bitcoin Positions

Volatility is rampant in the cryptocurrency market, wiping many overleveraged Bitcoin traders.
Bitcoin Wipes Out Overleveraged Traders
Bitcoin staged a 9,500-point turnaround in the past six days, gaining nearly 19% in market value. 
According to Willy Woo, the impressive upswing seemed quiet as it lacked any significant liquidations. Such market behavior was odd since speculators do not usually profit “without being a little bit rekt.”
“This is like walking into a forest and noticing the birds just stopped tweeting,” said Woo. 
Future Long Liquidations by GlassnodeMarket makers seem to have heard Woo’s wise words as Bitcoin took a sudden 5.20% nosedive after peaking at a high of $59,920. Data from Bybt shows that $663,007,804 worth of leveraged positions were liquidated over the past four hours. 
The largest single liquidation order happened on the Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, at a value of $14,680,000. 
Despite the massive losses incurred within such a short period, independent researcher and investor PlanB maintains that the recent downswing was part of a “stop-loss hunt” needed for Bitcoin to now march towards $60,000 or higher. 

Beautiful stop loss hunting .. again. Now that all leveraged longs are liquidated, we finally have room for breaking $60K in April.
— PlanB (@100trillionUSD) March 31, 2021
Technicals Highlight Further Losses Incoming
From a technical perspective, Bitcoin looks bound for further losses. 
The Tom DeMark (TD) Sequential indicator presented a sell signal on the 12-hour chart. The bearish formation developed as a green nine candlestick, which is indicative of a one to four 12-hour candlestick correction. 

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