London's Cab Driver Sells Bitcoin From His Car to Passengers

Who would’ve thought that a cab driver on duty will also be promoting the use of cryptocurrency? Meet Dave Jenkins, a London Cabbie who claims to be the first taxi driver to offer Bitcoin for sale. Passengers who are willing to buy the virtual currency can do so right from his car. They can either pay in dollars, euros or pounds, and a Bitcoin voucher will be issued to them.

Sold Vouchers are Used to Redeem Bitcoins

As revealed the voucher can be used to redeem Bitcoin at several locations. While shedding more light on the events that occur, it was said that Jenkins uses a device to trade the digital asset. This device consists of a hardware that was developed by FastBitcoins.
Danny Brewster is the creator of FastBitcoins. The developer issues POS devices to small businesses to enable them to trade cryptocurrencies for cash. Therefore, it is not surprising that Jenkins is one of them. According to the cab driver, his aim is to make Bitcoin easily accessible to the ordinary user.

Buying from Crypto Exchanges Maybe a Complex Process

The crypto enthusiast also pointed out the complex processes that are usually involved in purchasing these coins from crypto exchanges. As such, it may take the buyer more time and transaction fees. Buying from his cab, on the other hand, provides a faster means of transaction that is accessible at one’s convenience.
According to Jenkins;

you just turn up, get in the cab, hand the cash over, and you’ve got your bitcoin, and away you go.

Cab Driver Says, He is Not Focused on Making Profit

Jenkins also revealed that the profit he makes from trading the cryptocurrency is only a few cents worth of Bitcoin. This is because he is not focusing on what he can get out of it, but owning Bitcoin and allowing others to gain easy access to it. In his words, “I only care about owning bitcoin itself — Bitcoin to bitcoin, Satoshi to Satoshi, whatever”
The service rendered by this cab driver is similar to what may be set up in France. In this Western Europe country, Tobacco stores may begin selling Bitcoin in 2019. Customers who pay for the virtual currency will be issued a coupon which can then be used to redeem Bitcoins. On the other hand, this is a speculation given that the Central Bank of the country has said that they are not in support of such transactions.

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