Lightning Pizza: Order Your Pizza in Bitcoin for Less than a Cent

Lightning Pizza, a consumer application leveraging lightning network launched last week to become “first Nation-wide retail service powered by lightning payments meant to spread utility and spur awareness and adoption.”

Prioritizing Speed

The basis for Lightning Network—which is growing popular among Bitcoin communities since last year as a sizable part of the community continues to push for a mass-scale implementation—has always been speed. If bitcoin is ever going to achieve its lofty dream of replacing fiat currencies and centralized payment institutions such as Visa and MasterCard, it would have to do a lot better than it does now in scaling.
When Satoshi Nakamoto, anonymous founder of Bitcoin first submitted his paper as a proposal in 2008, the first ever public comment on Bitcoin made by James A. Donald challenge unabashedly questioned its scalability on the long term. “The way I understand your proposal,” Donald said, “it does not seem to scale to the required size.”
More than a decade after that comment and Bitcoin is still struggling with scalability. Initially able to settle only seven transactions per second, it was okay during its early years. However, the massive number of Bitcoin traders in 2019 has consequently congested its capacity while hiking up transaction fees. Compared to Visa’s 25000-50000 transactions per second, and Bitcoin’s dream of gaining global adoption suddenly looks like a flimsy joke straight out of Big Bang Theory.

Pleasure Without Cost or Delay

New consumer app, Lightning Pizza, which leverages lightning network built on Bitcoin’s blockchain, allows users and customers to order a Pizza with their BTC almost instantaneously, thus removing any form of delay, and even eliminating exorbitant transaction fees.
Lightning Pizza is the product of San Francisco-based Bitcoin payment app Fold which also facilitates payment of services on Uber, Starbucks and other popular retail services with Bitcoin. The new app allows users to select and order a pizza from Domino’s products from anywhere in the United States, assuring customers of delivery in 30 minutes even with Bitcoin transactions.
You can now buy Domino’s Pizza via the Lightning Network for *5% off* from anywhere in the US with <$0.01 fees, instant transactions and ~30 min delivery. Get it while it’s hot at ?⚡️
— Lightning Pizza (@ln_pizza) February 13, 2019
The product is still in its early phase however has some early enthusiastic buyers have noted not all Domino’s pizza offerings can be bought with BTC yet, as the developing team continues to work to expand its range of services.

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