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Lightning Labs Blocks Bitcoin Core’s Account on Twitter

Lightning labs has blocked Bitcoin on Twitter! No matter how unbelievable that may sound, it did happen even though not in a way you might expect. The irony of it all is that Lightning labs which enables Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency to be sent speedily, blocked Bitcoin, a Twitter account with thousands of crypto followers. Now here’s what really happened.

Lightning Labs Tweets About Success of Lightning Network

On March 15, Lightning labs, the platform behind Bitcoin’s lightning network tweeted about the success of the payment protocol. According to them, these achievements were made possible within the space of one year and given more time, a lot more can be done.

It was earlier reported that the Lightning network has reached a network capacity of over 1,000 BTC. Likewise, Lightning Labs outlined that about 39,329 channels and 7,395 nodes have been created.

Bitcoin Disagrees With the Achievements Made

While these are remarkable, Bitcoin, a twitter account that was created in 2011 and currently with over 930,000 followers was not quick to agree. The fellow behind the account sarcastically remarked that it is easy to set up nodes before using the Lightning network. They were also disappointed with what Lightning labs was bragging about. It is, therefore, believed that this may have led the latter to block the account.

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After being blocked, Bitcoin said: “Uh-oh! Looks like I upset Lightning Labs with my last tweet.” A user, on the other hand, pointed out that it is embarrassing for Bitcoin to handle acts in such manner and suggested that the account would’ve been better managed by the Bitcoin core team.

As a response, Bitcoin said:

This handle never belonged to the Bitcoin Core team. I am fighting against the great hoodwinking perpetuated by Bitcoin Core, Blockstream, Lightning Labs, and crypto Twitter, who are misleading people into believing that LN is viable technology

The identity of the Person Behind Bitcoin’s Account Remains Unknown

After all that was said and done, the identity of the person behind the account is still uncertain. In the past, assumptions were made that the account is operated by given that some of the tweets were news updates from the platform. However, on January 10, 2018 stated that the account is neither run by them nor a worker of the company.

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Fingers have also been pointed at Roger Ver,’s CEO which most people believe could be the account’s owner. The latter is as a result of Ver’s opinion sometimes being inline with that of Bitcoin’s. For instance, the tweet the CEO made on March 16 took the shape of this form:

The lightning node, on the other hand, has been pointed out as being difficult to set up. Solutions in that regard have been brought by Bitfury and Coingate who have made provisions for Lightning tools that will make it simple for people to use it.

That aside, BTCNN on February 25 informed that Hodlonaut, a Twitter user begun a Lightning torch trend. Here, a user has to send a fixed amount of Bitcoin to a random member of the crypto community using lightning network. This trend has also promoted the payment protocol and garnered people’s interest in what it entails.

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