Ledger CEO Bags French Award for Startup with Greatest International Prospects

Eric Larchevêque, who is the CEO and co-founder of cryptocurrency hardware wallet developer Ledger, has bagged the French award for startup head whose invention has the most exceptional international prospect. Ledger tweeted about the new award few hours ago.
The reputable regional prize in the Ernst & Young’s (EY), 26th Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 awards which held in France, is “Startup of the Year.” CEO of Ledger, Eric Larchevêque has bagged this award including that of the “Born Global Award” for the international potential of his startup; Ledger.

Ledger Gaining International Traction

Undoubtedly, the inherent prospect of Ledger has begun to gain international traction, the reliable manufacturer of hardware wallet for virtual currencies has recently revealed its sales record which runs to about 1.3 million units. This is a commendable progress for a company that was just established in January 2015 from the fusion of startups such as Chronicon-RadioceRos and BTChip.
In the earliest phase of the company’s establishment, it was able to amass approximately $6 million after which the company raised another $75 million in the next phase in 2017, as it stands today, the company has created about 150 jobs on three continents and generating above $50 million in sales revenue in 2017.
Speculations as to what might have constituted the enviable success of Ledger has been meted with Larchevêque’s ingenious target of having a product which is secured and affordable. Ledger those not hold a monopoly in this market as its competitors which includes TREZOR and KeepKey are doing fine as well with the former announcing that it has sold about 800,000 units by January 2018.

The EY’s National Awards

The EY’s is not some ‘kangaroo’ award ceremony as it has carved a niche for itself as being reputable and of international standard. The award has a stringent process behind the scene which includes juries meeting in the seven regions of the country to analyze the nomination application which has been received after regional winners are selected, there are now being juxtaposed with that of other regions.
In the national awards ceremony which held this year on October 18, this year, Larchevêque and Ledger won the regional round for Paris for the “Startup of the Year” before having the national “Born Global Award” to his name.