Monday, July 15, 2019

Ledger Adds New Bluetooth Feature For Easier Crypto Wallet

On Sunday, one of the most famous crypto wallet company Ledger, announced its new project called Ledger Nano X. Interestingly, this new device does not need computer and laptops to be operated anymore.

The announcement was presented at the last Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas. Ledger introduces their new brand that offers a ‘Bluetooth-enabled’ device that is entailed with more secured features and easier to use.

It was recalled that Ledger also made a similar device called Ledger Nano S. However, this device cannot be compatible without any use of laptops or computer devices.

Nano X, The New And Improved Nano S

As a solution to this problem, Ledger came up with Nano X– an easier and mobile phone-compatible hardware wallet device. Ledger Nano X can store applications on almost 100 cryptocurrencies– in comparison with its past version of only six cryptos.

“The Ledger Nano X is a Bluetooth-enabled secure device that stores your private keys. Make sure all your crypto assets are safe, wherever you go,” posted on Ledger’s website.

Aside from this, Ledger’s CEO Eric Larchevêque shared that Ledger Nano X will be having a larger screen and a higher memory capacity, to entertain more users around the world.

The company also assures that the new Bluetooth-enabled device has more secured features as the company fights for crypto frauds and theft.

 “We want to make sure that these applications can only sign transactions for their own private key,” Larchevêque said.

Once Nano X is connected, the possibility of third-party intrusions will be lesser since it can only be connected with the user’s mobile device. Moreover, it is also difficult to hack the account since there are mobile phone passwords.

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Nano X costs $119 and will be available for its pre-sale tomorrow on its website.

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Nano S For A Cheaper Price

Although Ledger Nano S was the crowd’s favorite due to its cheaper and easy-to-use feature, the company promised to maintain its great features with Nano X.

But once the Ledger Nano X is launch for sale, Nano S will have cheaper pricing, from its original price of $69.99.

Continues To Develop Cryptos

Ledger’s plan to continue pursuing cryptos despite its bearish market proves that companies still have faith in the industry.

Meanwhile, this is just one proof that cryptocurrencies can become part of our daily lives. Now that Bluetooth can be used for cryptos, the possibility of a worldwide and mainstream audience for the industry seems to be closer than before.

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