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Kualian Sandbox Test Environment Launched

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Taking advantage of the potential of blockchain technology, Kualian calls itself an ecosystem that ranges from cryptocurrency trading, staking services, cryptocurrency exchange, learning center and even a blockchain charity foundation; The versatility of this crypto ecosystem offers the user a wide range of options when it comes to entering the exciting world of digital currencies with the support of the best tools, to the point that institutional companies such as Venture Capital trust in Kuailian as an official ally.
Innovation is part of the DNA of this company, therefore, after months of work, the development of the Kuailian mini smart pool has been completed, which can replicate the operation of the main architecture of the platform based on the node assembly system. automatic, reward settlement system, dispersal system, with a clear objective that is the certification of the technology by an external company.
Purpose of the SandBox
To begin with, it would be good to know exactly what is a SandBox? it is a mechanism to run programs safely and separately. It is often used to run new code, or unreliable third-party software.
Main objective
That an external company make a certification on the operation of the system: Because the SandBox is a test environment, with it you can quickly and accurately observe the benefits that the system can offer when performing all the normal operations that make up its operation.
This has as main objectives:
Demonstrate that the system is reliable and produces sustainable …
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