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KIWIE Set to Launch NFTs Representing Real-Life Street Art in 1001 Locations

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Riga, Latvia, April 6th, 2021 — KIWIE, a worldwide-famous Latvian street art collective, is unveiling a new series of blockchain-enabled art installations across the world. Building on the signature Fat Monster character developed by KIWIE back in 2006, the artists are making street graffiti that are owned directly by the holder of the NFT.
KIWIE NFTs will each come with a custom-made virtual 3D figure representing a real spray painting somewhere in the world. The figure will include a geotag associating the NFT to its respective artwork. The holder of the NFT effectively owns the street art, and is free to resell the artwork. In addition to the virtual 3D figure, participants of the NFT auction will also receive a metal card representing the Fat Monster they bought. Should the Fat Monster painting be removed or covered in real-life, the NFT will turn into a unique “ghost monster.”
The Fat Monster grew to a large community of fans, with over 18,000 followers on Instagram. People have fun looking for them in any city they go, and share the finds on social media. Fat Monsters in each location have their own unique design, often radically different from any other while still maintaining the same essence. A KIWIE Fan Art movement also sees community members drawing their own takes on the Fat Monster.
“The Fat Monster is a unique and iconic creation, and it’s different from what many other street artists do,” said Kristaps Vaivods, Lead Business Strategist at KIWIE. “ …
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