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Kevin Connolly, a Star Actor in Entourage Movie to Develop TV Show About Cryptocurrency

Kevin Connolly, one of the star actors in 2015’s Entourage film has revealed that he will be part of a new TV Show which aims at giving the public more understanding of cryptocurrency. The said movie is called “Crypto,” and its development is currently ongoing, according to a media outlet’s report on January 18.

Crypto TV Show to Focus on Friendship and Funding Using Tokens

Reportedly, Crypto will focus on the lives of a group of friends who have the intention of producing movies. However, their shortage of funds will lead them to launch a token and a decentralized studio to rival contemporary ones.

According to Entourage’s former act, Crypto Show seeks to open up the controversial world of digital assets. He also notes that people are curious about these virtual currencies, but their reluctance can be attributed to their lack of understanding. Therefore, the movie will help to clear some uncertainties about the industry.

Kevin Connolly Takes the Role of the Show’s Actor-director

Kevin Connolly’s role, in this case, is to be the Show’s actor-director. He made mention that this is the first crypto related project he is handling and as such, a lot can be learned from it. Revealing how his attention was drawn to the film, the actor said:

Initially when I read the script the thing that I was most interested in is how it’s basically about a group of frustrated actors that say ‘fuck this, let’s just do it on our own, we know cryptocurrency, we can take on the [Hollywood] system

Other Advocates in the Industry Join Conolly to Produce the Show

Asides Connolly, the media outlet reveals that other advocates of the Blockchain technology will also be part of the movie. They are Jason King, a co-founder of Academy School of Blockchain and Erik Sords, the creator of Dionysia, which is reportedly the first decentralized movie studio in the world.

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What’s more, the duo hopes that after the production of the first few episodes of the Crypto, platforms like Amazon Prime, NetFlix, and several others will show an interest in it. These are movie streaming sites that get millions of views, and as such, Crypto will garner more viewership if this is the case.

Like Connolly, BTCNN on December 21 reported of Etoro’s survey which confirms that people’s level of interest in learning cryptocurrencies is high. However, they are reluctant to invest in digital assets because of the lack of understanding, price volatility, and the fear of being scammed.

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